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04 December 2010 @ 11:52 am
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28 July 2010 @ 10:09 pm
Now that I feel better after getting everything out.

P3P has been sucking up my life. Everyone who had doubts, wipe all your worries away, the game is different enough from the first one that it shouldn't be hard to find enjoyable. The female protagonist is very, very different from Minato, and doesn't share a lot with him in regards to personality or responses. Awesomely enough, she has s.links with everyone in SEES, including Ken and Koromaru. She also has a lovely s.link with Ryoji. There are very few s.links that are the same—and the ones that are very, very different. There have been slight changes in the battle system—liiiiike being able to change your party members to direct commands so Mitsuru no longer Marin Karins enemies not-to-death. Also, the new Velvet Room attendant, Theo, is probably the most adorable thing in the world. Implications that he was bullied by Elizabeth and Margaret are amazing, plus he's the only one to refer to feMC as a "minx."

Now some spoiler babble.

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Also, thank you, 4chan, now I have Souji x Yosuke doujin for the rest of my life. Time to drown myself in them.
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07 December 2009 @ 08:55 am
G-guys. THANKS!?
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04 December 2009 @ 10:40 am
I was here the weekend before Thanksgiving to visit my Grandfather. I can say a lot about the place who's most famous person is some guy who's really good at Warcraft. It had its own charm, but I think I could spend years in open fields scattered with the occasional country home.

My sister was disappointed because mushroom season is over, though I think we should go back up during maitake season, because it's such perfect conditions.

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On the way back I insisted that we stopped at a small-town diner. So we stopped at place called Pete's Restaurant, and on top of having fantastic food, it was pseudo-Greek, so I bought my mom a gyros and I had a reuben. I spent most of my time playing Phoenix Wright and reading Twilight (I got about halfway through the book before I decided that I had to put it down. My only drive was reading more about Jacob, and that's partially Greenie's fault. :|). I got a little personally studying in going through a few of my herbal books. Unfortunately I couldn't put that into practice because of the weather.

We visited a winery, where I had a one-hundred percent merlot. They had a few I wasn't very familiar with, a chambourcin, specifically. They were out of cabernet, which was disappointing—but I found that was rather fond of the merlot, even though I'm not the type to like merlot. They were reasonably priced, so we got a bottle, and went outside to see the vines. I spent the rest of the night sleeping on a rapidly deflating air mattress and watching reruns of How the Earth Was Formed.

And now I'm back at work. And it's close to Christmas! And somehow, I've managed to get one weekend day off each week until the end of the month and Laura is making a Turducken on the nineteenth. I feel like I've lucked out.

Also I need to dump my stash in dearest. I've been accumulating too long.
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07 October 2009 @ 10:05 pm
I need a new mattress.

Sadly, the new furniture set that I'm looking on getting has a full size bed instead of the queen (which I'm sleeping on now). I'd much rather have a full, honestly—the queen is too large and takes up too much room. I was looking on getting something that's anti-microbial—though I'm not sure I can trust reviews to tell me exactly how the covers/mattress is anti-microbial. I'd rather not breathe in anything that I don't have to. If anyone has any suggestions or knowledge on the subject, I wouldn't be adverse to the advice. There's a nice cover here too. I'm thinking about just getting a mattress and perhaps a cover?

Oh. What led to this.

I've been puttering around getting rid of unnecessary junk in my room and either putting it in storage or donating it. It's getting far too stuffy in here, and I'm coming to realize that a lot of these random items are breeding grounds for all kinds of unmentionables. Not that I mind sharing my room as some sort of mini-ecosystem—but if I had the choice, I'd rather keep out the mold and mildew. I wanted to spruce up things for Xinnie, Alison and Kristen, since they'll be here at the end of the month. Things are still a little cluttered, but I think I can rid it of a lot of dust and junk before they get here. I think I'm even going to move my television and clean behind there. Perhaps I'll even save all the things that fell under my bed!! (I still love you, Coffea cruda.) But I'd like to shampoo the carpet and run the ozonator fufufu.

Bed!! and teehee there's a matching dresser and a nightstand with a cellphone drawer. There's a wardrobe too, but I'd like to check it to make sure that it'll fit my printers in it. Most of my drawers in my room are already broken from years of use. The only thing that I'm still happy with are my lamp and my desk.

Ugh, I feel nasty from cleaning. Too much dust. BUT I found a mini digital camera that I apparently didn't know I had. This is a pleasant surprise.
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